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Most popular block of Capital Smart City?


Capital Smart City is the first smart city, and this society is situated in Islamabad. Furthermore, his well-known real estate property attracts investors from all across the country. When completed, it will be the most elegant and expertly planned real estate development in Pakistan. By using smart elements, this residential society sets itself apart from other commercials, businesses, and residential developments. Furthermore, due to this society thoroughly considering commercial possibilities, manufacturing sources, and legal form, it has been the preferred option of investors. Moreover, this housing complex is a modern urban neighbourhood created with an advanced lifestyle. There are many blocks in this society, and if we’re talking about which is the most popular block of Capital Smart City, then this post will help you learn about the most well-liked and popular blocks in this society.

Most popular block of Capital Smart City?

The overseas prime block, executive block, harmony park block, and harmony park overseas east are all located in the smart capital city. All of the blocks, meanwhile, are excellent in their own right, but the Overseas Prime Block is the most popular block of Capital Smart City. In addition, here is information about this block that will demonstrate its level of popularity. 

Overseas Prime Block

The Smart City will swiftly rise to the top of the list of prospective relocation options for Pakistanis living abroad. Further, this housing society introduced this prime block for overseas. This block provides plots in different sizes for investors. Moreover, it also offers all the luxurious amenities that are required. This block aims to offer Pakistanis living abroad a secure and profitable investment opportunity through this initiative. Moreover, this block immediately became known as the hub of this residential society due to Capital Smart City Location and its remarkable amenities.

Overseas Prime Block Location

The location is one of the best justifications for investing in any housing complex. Moreover, the location of this block pleases the investors. The Overseas Prime Block locates at atop the complexes of the capital’s smart city. This block is close to the M2 Motorway. Moreover, this block will be easily reachable from the Interchange on the Motorway.

Nearby Landmarks 

The list of several nearby landmarks in an overseas block of innovative capital society to visit is provided below, including:

  • Nova City
  • Silver City
  • University Town
  • Chakri Interchange
  • International Islamabad Airport
  • Kingdom Valley
  • Thalian Interchange
  • MIVIDA City
  • Avalon City
  • Blue World City
  • Khanial Homes
  • M-2 Motorway
  • Sports Valley Blue World City

Accessible Points

The overseas prime block of the capital smart city provides access for its residents to various important places and cities, such as:

  • Chakri Road
  • Adiala Road_10 Minutes
  • Jarrar Camp Road_11 Minutes
  • M2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway_11 Minutes
  • Rawalpindi_21 Minutes
  • Dheri Village Road_26 Minutes
  • Islamabad International Airport_39 Minutes 

Overseas Prime Block Master Plan

The developer of this residential society Surbana Jurong, Habib Rafiq, and FDHL, has planned the master plan of this block. Therefore, many organizations, such as Lahore Smart City, BWC Islamabad, and other communities, have master plans to provide residents with all services. In addition, the overseas prime block was built, keeping Pakistanis living abroad in consideration and having all the conveniences they need. That is the reason international investors are accumulating real estate in this block.

This block is divided into several sectors, including

  • A Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • B Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • C Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • D Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • E Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • F Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • G Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • H Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • J Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • K Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • L Sector Overseas Prime Block 
  • M Sector Overseas Prime Block 

Why Overseas Prime Block is the popular block?

The Overseas Prime Block in Capital Smart City Islamabad is notable for being situated at one of the most significant locations in the housing development. Moreover, this residential area is in an upper location through which you would see the entire city. Electricity, gas, and water are all available in the Overseas Bank Block, and educational institutions such as international schools, universities, and colleges for students are also public. In addition, this block provides amusement parks, shopping malls, and speciality markets. One hundred eighty broad highways highlight the Overseas Prime Block’s attractiveness. Further, with smart transportation, electronic cars, and a top-notch BRT system, it will interconnect with other blocks of this housing society. Therefore, these are some points for which this block is more popular than others.


Capital Smart City Islamabad has become the top choice for investors seeking a luxurious modern way of life at an affordable price. Therefore, the overseas Prime Block is a housing development created to offer inhabitants a distinctive living experience at a reasonable price. Its growth has been fully supported by a group of professionals, designers, and other specialists with years of experience. Furthermore, for many reasons, including its close enough proximity to the many major highways, which makes it conveniently accessible from some areas. In addition, this block is a great investment opportunity. Furthermore, institutions, hospitals, and shopping centres are attractions in the Capital Smart City.

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