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Halfway House in Georgia – Red Flags You Should Look

Why is finding the right halfway house so important for an addict’s recovery? It’s because his stay at this house will determine whether he can continue to be sober on his own.

Recovery for an addict can be hugely challenging, especially after he walks out of rehab. Even with support from friends and loved ones, he can give in to the temptations and find himself battling addiction all over again. 

Relapses are common, particularly in the months after rehab. That tells you how important the role of a halfway house can be. It acts like a stepping stone for addicts trying to get back on their feet. But how can you be sure you made the right choice of a halfway home?

What are the red flags you should look out for when choosing a halfway house in Georgia?

Halfway houses help in transitioning to a normal life after detox at a rehab. They are meant to provide safe and peaceful accommodations for recovering addicts until they are ready to go back into society.

However, not all halfway homes can be trusted. Many take advantage of the residents’ vulnerabilities and inflict more harm than good. By the time the addict leaves the house, he is already back into addiction. 

Here’s what you need to check for when choosing a halfway house in Georgia for your loved one:

  • Ill-maintained facility: Halfway homes may be transitional homes, but they need to be clean, well-maintained, and hygienic. If you notice that the living conditions in a facility are lacking, you should consider it a red flag. Recovering addicts are already grappling with enough health issues; living in unhealthy environments will make them worse. Make sure that the sleeping quarters for residents are all inside the house and not in a garage-like place. Look for signs of mold, insect, or rodent infestations. Lighting and ventilation must be proper to allow the residents to live comfortably. If possible, take a physical tour of the facility before you make a final decision. Website images and pictures on pamphlets cannot be trusted.
  • Absence of house rules: The rules of a halfway house are what makes the residents disciplined. If there are no rules in place, it means that inmates are free to indulge in substance abuse. For instance, the house manager is expected to organize routine drug and alcohol screenings for the residents. If these are not done on time, it means that the staff isn’t bothered about their recovery. You don’t want your loved one to be in a place that can lead him to addictions once more. It’s important that they do house chores, respect curfews, and refrain from any kind of violence or misdemeanor.
  • Lack of security provisions: Halfway houses are supposed to be peaceful, where residents will feel protected and safe. However, if these become unsafe and there are cases of abuse, you should immediately look elsewhere. To know about the history of a halfway house, it’s a good idea to go through reviews posted by past residents.

Remember to look out for these red flags before you check your loved one into a halfway house in Georgia. You don’t want his treatment to get derailed because of a wrong choice of a halfway home. USA

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