SEO Tips to Gain More Website Conversion

Increasing website conversion is most important. The biggest reason for the failure of website bloggers and blogging on WordPress is the lack of traffic to the blog. How can you drive more visitors to your blog today? 

Many people all over the world have made Free / Paid website blogs. But not all are successful in blogging. There can be many reasons for failure in blogging.

Such as non-visitors on a website blog, blog name or content post not coming in Google search, lack of loading speed of website, lack of Google AdSense approval, not using Seo keywords etc. People do not complete the website and do not develop a good blog, which is the most common reason for driving traffic to the blog. 

Not everyone understands when it’s appropriate to use Google AdSense on a website. And before that apply Google AdSense. When there is a deficit, Google AdSense scans that blog and rejects it. Many individuals use Google to look for tips on how to improve blog traffic. Some people buy traffic to boost their website’s traffic. 

If you want to drive visitors to your blog, you must first ensure that the blog website is fully functional and well-designed. Read this post attentively if you want to finish and create the blog. Visitors will like your blog and good traffic will come just when they view a good website and it is completed entirely. 

Getting traffic from Google is crucial. Because Google Adsense only generates good results when organic traffic from Google is used. And have a good income. Organic traffic does not include traffic derived from social media or YouTube. 

As a result, you must pay attention to minor details in order to generate organic traffic.

Use Fast Loading Template (Theme) 

The lack of speed loading is the most common reason for not receiving traffic on Blogger or WordPress. Visit the GTmetrix website to see how fast the webpage loads. If your website blog is showing 3-4 seconds or more time. This means to say that the loading of your blog is open in 3-4 seconds. So it’s not okay. Some people take more time than this.

 Because not all visitors will open your blog. And will go to another website. Do not wait for the blog to open.

Write Good Quality Content Post

 Your blog’s content posts should be of high quality. Write daily high-quality content posts to enhance site traffic. This will improve Google search ranking. And visitors will also like to come again.

Use Share Button in Blog Post

Your blog post should have social share buttons. Buttons for sharing on social media Use social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Google Plus, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. By clicking on the social share buttons, a visitor can quickly share. And put a facebook like box.

Make the title of the post viral

The headline of the post should be Viral when it is posted on the website. Keep the title of the post large so that readers can easily read it. What is this post written about?

Use Photo

 Make sure to include a picture in your blog. Including pictures in a post boosts blog traffic. Not only this, you can use the Alt Tag Keyword in the photo. Using the Alt Tag Keyword in the photo can increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your site. By using photos in website blog posts, visitors can be attracted. 

But keep in mind do not use copyrighted photos. Because there is a risk that Google can impose a penalty on your blog. You can use photos in Blog Post by downloading free images for Blog from,, site.

Use Keywords & Category

 Use keywords and categories in the post when writing it; this will make it easier for readers to find the post and stay on your site for longer. The most important factor in improving your Search Engine Ranking is keywords. So wherever you feel that we can use our keyword here, definitely use it. Use your keyword on every page of your website, including the homepage, about page, and other pages. To increase the traffic of your website, you should also use keywords in the headlines of your post.

Reply to Comments & Make Comments in Other Website

If any visitor asks a question in your blog post, then definitely answer it, so that the visitor will wait for your answer. So, to keep old visitors coming back, respond to comments on a regular basis. Continue to leave comments on other websites’ comments as well. Also, provide your blog’s URL in the comments. So that the visitors can come to your website by clicking on that link.

Adopt Long-Tail Strategy 

Long-Tail Strategy refers to the use of long-tail keywords on a page or post. Long-Tail Keywords are some keywords or a group of Keyword Phrases that are very much related to the product or service you provide. Whenever a Client or Visitor searches for that keyphrase, your website is more likely to get a higher rank in the search results. 

For example, if your Keyword is “Seo site audit services”, then your Long Tail Keywords can be something like: “5 SEO Tips to Gain More Website Conversion”. Long tail keywords are highly significant these days because they are quite precise, and as a result, Search Engines value such articles more.

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Create High Quality Backlinks

Backlinks means having links to your website on other websites. The link on which a visitor clicks to come to your website from another website is called Backlink. Backlinks are an important part of Search Engine Optimization. The more good and high page rank websites have links to your website, the more your website’s page rank will improve. 

Backlinks can be created when you leave a comment, guest post, or other type of comment on another blog or website. To create High Quality Backlinks, you should do Guest Blogging on a famous blog related to the Niche / Field of your website.


You’re putting your brand on the path to digital marketing success by enhancing your SEO and website conversions. So, don’t waste any more time and start implementing these fantastic suggestions.

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