How to Prevent a visit to Ga for air-conditioning repair

Due to global warming and rising temperatures, air-conditioning units are a must. Only these units help us get respite from the heat of the scorching sun. Continuous usage puts a lot of strain on the air-conditioning unit, making it skeptical of breakdown. As a result, a visit to the GA for air-conditioning repair becomes a must. To prevent this trip from happening, it is necessary to get a routine maintenance check and catch the problem when it is only initiated.

How will regular maintenance prevent a visit to GA for air-conditioning repair?

Any machinery requires proper care and maintenance to function smoothly and correctly. This also helps in increasing the lifespan of the machine. This will lead to an incredible home where the air-conditioning unit will work for several years. So, let’s look at the few Q and A that will enlighten us about the benefits of regular maintenance.

1. Are you worried about high utility bills?

Ans: During the summers with almost continuous usage of Air-conditioning units the electricity bill soars high. This can be reduced by properly insulating the house and providing regular maintenance of the air-conditioning unit. Regular maintenance offers timely repairs that result in efficient energy consumption and reduced electricity bill.

Champion Energy suggests comparing Champion Energy rates and switching to more energy-efficient appliances to save monthly power costs.

2. Has your visit to the doctor increased?

Ans: Are you facing breathing problems? Have asthma-related attacks increased? Chances are that the filters and coils are not clean, resulting in poor air quality inside the house. Unmaintained air conditioning units attract dirt, bacteria, and mold-like magnets, resulting in increased respiratory issues for people in those homes.

3. Has your air-conditioning unit stopped working immediately?

Ans: Unmaintained air-conditioning units will give you a shock by malfunctioning on the hottest or most unexpected days. They will require emergency repair from time to time. Whereas well-maintained AC units quickly go through the harsh summer months, from May to September. This also keeps one’s mind at ease that there are very slim chances of the air conditioner breaking down as everything has been checked and inspected by the expert technicians.

4. Has your air-conditioning unit started giving bad results?

Ans: Has the energy consumption of your air-conditioning unit increased. Chances are that it is most likely due to unmaintained and dirty air-conditioning units. Results show that unmaintained air-conditioning units consume up to 20 percent more energy to produce the same cooling as a perfectly maintained air-conditioning unit. Thus, don’t get confused or run off to buy a new air conditioning unit, thinking this cannot be fixed. New air-conditioning units are also heavy on the pockets. The price depends on the team’s size, efficiency level, features/ technology used, and the air conditioning installation service.

Few tips that prevent a visit to the GA for air-conditioning repair

  • Keep condenser clean
  • Check the air filter and keep it clean
  • Regular professional checkups are necessary
  • Check the drain pipes and keep them clean
  • The outdoor unit should be cleaned necessarily
  •  Try getting a smart AC controller

Final Thoughts!

 If the problem persists and you need to visit GA for air-conditioning repair, it is best to contact Wayne’s heating and air-conditioning repair. It is a company that is budget friendly and provides quality services. For many years, they have provided services in Blairsville, GA, and surrounding areas.

Frequently asked Questions

Q: How do you do preventative maintenance on an air-conditioner?

Ans: Following are a few preventative maintenance tips for the air- conditioning unit. Let’s have a look:

  • Always keep an eye on the refrigerant levels and inspect for leakage
  • For proper airflow, it is best to clean the condenser col and keep them straight
  • Inspect the gas connections and see if there is any leakage?
  • Electrical connections need to be tightened.
  • Oil lubrication is an essential step that provides ease to all the moving parts.
  • An air filter check is a must.
  • Check the batteries and the functioning of the thermostat.

Q: How often should air-conditioner maintenance be done?

Ans: It is advisable to get the air-conditioner maintenance done twice a year. Once in the fall and the other in spring. This helps provide regular maintenance services and check if the air-conditioning unit is working as optimally as possible.

Q: How do I maintain my air conditioner myself?

Ans: It is best to keep a proper schedule if you plan to service the air conditioner yourself. Let’s have a look at a few of the steps:

Step 1- Switch off the main power

Step 2- Clean the area around the unit from dirt and debris

Step 3-Check the Air- conditioner fins. Clean and straighten them up

Step 4-The condenser fan needs a thorough check and cleaning

Step 5-Clear the Air-conditioning fins inside out

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