Can You Change Your Lawyer During A Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Selecting a personal injury lawyer to defend you is an important decision. If you were in an accident, you are probably dealing with many concerns, such as medical discomfort, mental anguish, lost wages, etc. Considering that, you should not be concerned about your lawyer’s ability. 

If you have concerns about the standards of your representation, you have the right to change attorneys. Switching attorneys in the middle of a case, on the other hand, can have detrimental impacts. If you have questions, speak with a lawyer to learn more. 

Reasons to change attorneys 

During a personal injury case, it is normal for clients to wish to switch attorneys. After all, this person has the potential to have a huge impact on your life and financial future. Here are some of the most common reasons clients wish to switch lawyers, ranging from personality issues to bad representation: 

  • Lack of communication 

Is it difficult to reach your lawyer? Do they disregard emails and fail to return phone calls? Cases rely on effective communication between attorneys and clients; therefore, consider removing a lawyer who fails to communicate. 

  • Lack of respect 

You do not have to go out for coffee or watch the same television shows. However, if your lawyer cannot communicate pleasantly and professionally, you will likely have difficulty working together. You should also consider terminating any attorney who insults or makes you uncomfortable during meetings or phone calls. 

  • Lack of progress 

Ultimately, your lawyer’s responsibility is actively advocating your case and fighting for the desired outcome. While personal injury lawsuits might be frustratingly delayed, there are methods to detect if your attorney is not doing their job. Keep an eye out for court notices informing you of missed filing deadlines. Furthermore, if your attorney seeks time extensions regularly without a reasonable justification, it may hint that they are not working as hard as they should on your case. 

The consequences of switching lawyers 

People can change attorneys if they are unhappy with the present representation. However, changing lawyers in the middle of a case can have some unfavorable implications. For example, clients who remove their attorneys may be obliged to pay for work already accomplished. Furthermore, if your lawyer was working on contingency, you may be required to pay their hourly fee and any costs they incurred by representing you. 

People who employ a new attorney may also experience delays. After all, your new attorney will most likely require additional time to become acquainted with the case. As a result, you may have to wait longer for a court ruling or settlement.

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