Best Physical Therapist To Help Manage Vertigo in Baton Rouge, LA

Vertigo is a common condition that is usually a symptom of another medical condition. Vertigo consists of a sensation of motion, even when a person is not moving. Symptoms generally include dizziness and spinning, and some people also have accompanying symptoms such as nausea, balance issues, and motion sickness. Some of the things that can cause vertigo include inner ear issues, nerve impingement, crystals in the ear, and central nervous system lesions. Fortunately, there is physical therapy for vertigo, and the specific treatment method largely depends on what the cause of the vertigo is.

Best Practices for Managing Dizziness from Vertigo

The dizziness that accompanies vertigo can be severe and debilitating, and it is the main reason why clients seek out the best Baton Rouge physical therapists. When a client presents with vertigo, a physical therapist will conduct an exam to determine what may be causing the dizziness. Depending on the results, the PT will design a customized treatment plan to reduce the dizziness and other symptoms.

One of the most common causes of vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo. This occurs when canaliths, which are calcium carbonate crystals, become loose and travel into one of the fluid-filled ear canals. This interferes with the fluid’s normal movement, and it sends incorrect signals to the brain that the individual is moving.

A person with BPPV will usually benefit from physical therapy treatment. This consists of exercises that help balance the inner ear. The Epley maneuver is especially effective for those with BPPV-caused vertigo. Although you can find directions online for doing this movement at home, professionals recommend only doing it with a trained professional, because doing the maneuver incorrectly or too frequently can actually make the vertigo worse.

PT To Help You Lead a Normal Life

For some people, vertigo episodes are so frequent that they negatively affect their daily lives. Missing days of work or being unable to pick up kids from school takes a toll, which is why someone with vertigo should find physical therapy in Baton Rouge as soon as possible.

Along with conducting exercises to help the inner ear and eliminate dizziness, a physical therapist will work on other issues associated with vertigo. For example, some people with vertigo struggle with balance. Physical therapy introduces exercises and movements to help clients regain their balance, whether they are at a session at the PT clinic or at home.

After a series of physical therapy sessions, a client generally feels much better. With dizziness either completely gone or at least managed correctly, they can start living a normal life again. A physical therapist will usually re-evaluate a client on a regular basis to make sure the exercises are working and the client’s condition is improving.

If a client’s vertigo is not improving, or its cause makes it immune to physical therapy treatment, a physical therapist is able to refer the client to the correct specialist who would be able to treat it. If you suffer from vertigo, it makes sense to try physical therapy first, as it is often effective.

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