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6 Mind-blogging Storage Ideas for A Small Kitchen

A home with a huge kitchen and a walk-in pantry is the dream for everyone. The storage space, the seasonal decor, and the appliances installed give much satisfaction to house fanatics. But it may all just be a dream that may end with a small kitchen. So what are you supposed to do with the limited space in the kitchen? 

 While you bought a house in adams housing society, a brand new place to live in, it may just not be as big as your dream – which is alright. Dream homes do not always have to be big, but they can be planned smartly. 

The current kitchen space in your house might be small, but there’s still a lot you can do to organize it. The easiest way is to commit yourself to build organizational habits daily. There are dozens of small decisions you can make to increase the storage in a small kitchen. 

Want to hear me out? Keep reading to find amazing storage ideas. 

1- Make space for the spice drawer 

The more you cook, the more spices you need. So what to do with all the spices you have lying on the counter shelf? If anything, you need to keep the spices in a single place. How does a spice drawer sound to you?

Invest in a single drawer that has enough space to put allspice bottles in one place. It will make you more organized and you can arrange them in the drawer however you please. When cooking you can find the spices with ease. 

2- Avoid bulky packaging 

Half of your grocery consists of foods like cereals and chips. They often come in big packaging and bulky boxes that take up a lot of space. Even the air-filled bags are no good. Why not decant them into space-saving containers instead?

You can avoid bulky packaging with stackable containers to save space. These containers are tightly sealed and can easily stack on shelf space. It also makes your kitchen look neater. But first, start by purging pantry items. Focus on the items that are necessary and toss out anything expired. 

3- Time to roll tea towels

At times you may feel the guilt of folding tea towels and making a toppling tower out of it only to grab one and let all arrangements come to dismay. 

Common sense says to store the rolled tea towels vertically and pile them up. But the organizer in you says to lay them horizontally in a shallow drawer instead. This way, it’s much cleaner, and the rest of the towers will not become a nuisance to you at all! 

4- Small snacks inside the baskets

What can you do with smaller snack items like granola bars and lunch-sized bags? There’s a way to keep the clutter at bay by using the bottom of the drawers. You can put those snack items in bottom drawers, it gives easy access to the baskets they were put into. All it requires is a dedicated single space. It can be a drawer or the bottom of a shelf too. 

This way your small snack items won’t get lost in the midst of big cereal boxes (that we just told you how to avoid). 

5- Add a bookcase for storage

Got no more books to read? Your empty bookshelf is staring at you to put it to good use. If you do not have enough cabinets and shelves, a bookcase can also work as a storage space too. For someone who loves to have IKEA furniture in their home and is not able to make the most out of it, this is the perfect way to recreate the space for additional storage. 

It’s a chic addition that gives plenty of space for pantry storage and dishes. 

6- Adjust the shelf heights

A cabinet can be too long in height with only two built-in shelves. If there’s more space, why not make use of it? Usually, there’s a lot of dead space above the cups or plates. You can utilize that space by adding more shelves. 

A customized cabinet with additional space increases its storage worth. You’d be surprised how much extra space is staring back at you that might have been going to waste for a long time!

So, do not fess with a limited kitchen space. You can still organize items and stack things neatly. You just need to be more efficient in your kitchen planning.

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