3 Things To Keep In Mind When Sending Condolence Flowers

Tragedy is Part of Life

It does not matter how careful you are to avoid sadness and tragedy, there will be times when you experience it. Loved ones do not live forever, accidents happen to friends, and pets are only animals; meaning they’re prone to fatal mistakes (especially involving traffic). So you will have friends or family who find themselves grieving at intervals.

Sending sympathy flowers is a great way to help show you care without saying anything, and give them a reminder that they’re not alone in their pain. That said, there are a few things you’ll want to do so your sympathy bouquet(s) will be properly received. Following we’ll explore a few things to keep in mind.

1. Not All Flowers Are the Same

Some flowers aren’t really appropriate for funerals. In your mind’s eye, picture a funeral. What color of flowers do you see? Is the casket at the viewing surrounded by neon-bright tropical flowers, or something that has more of a “yellow” hue?

Some flowers are more appropriate to the occasion than others, you want to keep that in mind. Here is a list of appropriate options to consider

2. Present Flowers at the Right Time 

When a grieving friend or family member has just experienced a loss, drowning them in bouquets right away may not be the best move.

The funeral itself will require a bit of organization, there are logistics to consider. Bringing flowers then is quite appropriate, or at the wake. However, showing up within hours of the tragedy with a bouquet won’t send the message you probably intend.

3. Grieving is Natural and Healthy, Flowers Can be “Sad” 

Death is part of the world we live in. People are born, they live, and they die. Perhaps that’s not the state of things originally intended for the reality we inhabit by the great painter beyond the stars, but that’s how it is now. Accordingly, not all emotional states have a “joyful” or “positive” veneer. There are “painful” feelings that are actually “good” for a person.

Avoiding the grieving process is forestalling an emotional breakdown. It’s not stoic, it’s actually a form of retreat. Emotions are painful, pushing them down just compresses that pain for a release like carbonation from a soda can later on. It’s the equivalent of shaking up the can, if you will, prior to opening it; only you can’t control when the “can” of “grief” is opened up.

Accordingly, the flowers you provide need not be overly bright and happy. It’s okay to present sad bouquets or bouquets with darker-colored flowers.

The Right Flowers to Help in the Grieving Process 


We all experience loss in life, helping each other through the pain is a good thing; but there are best practices. With flowers, remember that the grieving process is natural, so flower bouquets can have a “sad” quality to them. Be sure to present them at the right time, and get the right variety of flowers. Such carefully considered moves will help you help those in grief.

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