Expert Tips for Managing Common Infant Nutrition Challenges

Today there are a lot of opinions about formula and breastfeeding. But scientists and doctors always recommend the last option. The World Health Organisation has argued that future mothers have to be educated about the benefits of breast milk.

Especially the fact that this type of nutrition supports the immune system of the baby and protects it from viruses and infections. But there are situations, which don’t allow breastfeeding. In this case, mothers have to buy infant formulas for Infant nutrition and they should be aware of the rules for proper feeding. But when a baby arrives, parents face some challenges. What recommendations do scientists and doctors give? Read below.

Scheduled feeding or not? Pros and cons

Breastfeeding mothers should remember that there can be no fixed feeding schedule. Infants should be fed on demand. This is an important recommendation of many doctors. Feeding every 2 hours is wrong from a physiological point of view.

The average number of nurses is 12 times per day. But it may change depending on the mood of the baby and appetite. As for bottle feeding, in this case, mothers can try to set a schedule. It should be done from birth. However, moms don’t have to stick to a schedule all the time. Why? At some time of the day, the child could play a lot, spend energy, and get hungry faster. When a baby shows a desire to eat, you have to satisfy this need.

Breastfeeding is always a priority

Over the years, doctors, pediatricians, and health organizations have always insisted on breastfeeding, explaining this with many arguments. Let’s look at the most important ones.

  1. High immunity and low incidence of disease. The child becomes healthier, and the likelihood of diabetes, cancer, and other diseases decreases.
  2. A close relationship is established between the baby and the mother. In the process of feeding, the child feels that the mother is near, and becomes calmer which is good for psychological health.
  3. Positive effect on the health of the mother. Peter Hartmann – a breastfeeding expert, and professor at the University of Western Australia said that if the mother is breastfeeding, the uterus recovers faster. The hormone oxytocin is produced, which lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, and helps to relax. The longer mom breastfeeds, the better it will be for her and the baby.
  4. Safe and convenient. There’s no need to spend time preparing infant milk and allocate money to buying it. It is also not necessary to wash the bottle with boiling water, heat or cool the milk. While moms shouldn’t don’t worry about the quality of breast milk. 

Responsible Choice – Infant Formula. Prohibited ingredients in the composition

Breastfeeding is the best choice for moms. So, why do 38% of them feed their babies with baby formulas? There are difficult situations in their lives. For example, a mother is single, works every day, and leaves the child with baby care. Or mom has a disease for which breastfeeding is not allowed, such as tuberculosis, serious heart disease, kidney disease, and lung disease. Feeding formulas is the only correct option in these cases. Pediatricians say that before buying baby food, a consultation with a doctor is mandatory. After all, some baby milk may be prohibited for your child for medical reasons. The second thing parents should know is the beneficial and harmful ingredients in composition. The most harmful adverse ingredients are:

  • Palm oil. Scientists concluded that in the gastrointestinal tract, this substance turns into a solid substance and is poorly digested. A large amount of palm oil in the body can cause constipation and colic.
  • GMO ingredients. They can become the reason for weak immunity, and allergy. They have a lot of toxins and affect metabolism. 
  •  Preservatives. These substances cause kidney disease, heart disease, and allergies. In the composition, it can be marked as – “sulfur dioxide” or “additives”. If you see these in the composition, put the can back on the store shelf.
  • Heavy metals. Unfortunately, a lot of baby food contains heavy metals. Arsenic, lead, cadmium – all these you can read on the can. Why are they dangerous? A large number of them lead to disruption of the brain, convulsions, and anemia.

Find out the necessary substances for the growth and development of the baby

There are a lot of formulas that don’t contain GMOs, preservatives, or artificial flavors. They have organic certifications; all the ingredients are of natural origin. Examples are popular brands such as Hipp, Jovie, Lebenswert, Kendamil, and Holle. These formulas are useful and safe for the health of the baby. They have many advantages:

  •  Probiotics and prebiotics. These strains of microorganisms help the digestion of food and have a positive effect on immunity.
  • Omega-3, Omega-6. These fatty acids are essential for the normal growth and development of young children.
  • Vitamins and minerals. Such vitamins as A, B, C, D, E, and K must be contained in European infant formula. They affect the functioning of all organs as well as the growth of the baby. Zinc, calcium, phosphorus, zinc, and iron – are components of bones, and tissues, that affect the functioning of the nervous system. 

So, feeding the most important little person in your life is one of the main components of care. Parents should always rely on the opinions of experts in healthy Infant nutrition and your baby will grow up healthy and happy.

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