What you should understand about Microsoft certification

Summer break may appear to be the ideal time to kick back and relax. Still, it’s also the perfect time to start looking into Microsoft certification alternatives if you’re seeking to advance your career.

With Microsoft certification standards changing regularly, not to mention the prevalence of these certifications in today’s corporate environment, you may be shocked by what you don’t know about them and their basic requirements. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the essential Microsoft certification programs to be aware of this summer.

Why do Microsoft certifications exist?

Why should you think about obtaining a Microsoft certification? There are various causes for this. Here are three examples:

1) Many employers desire and are willing to pay for qualified professionals. If a firm invests in training, they want to ensure that the money is going to individuals who can hit the ground running.

2)Having certification increases visibility. Becoming an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional) or MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer) demonstrates to potential employers that you have a high level of expertise in your profession.

3) Maintaining your competitive edge and being marketable when hunting for new jobs is easier with certifications.

Which Microsoft credentials should I pursue?

There are various Microsoft certifications, and it might be tough to choose which one is best for you. A Windows Server MCSA, for example, will almost certainly differ from a Windows Server MCSD.

Before choosing a path, consider your needs and preferences. Furthermore, ensure that Microsoft summer training in India comprises recommended coursework and programs; it is also critical to examine an organization’s testing methods to pass easily. Visit one of our blogs listed below to learn more about each type of Microsoft certification and prepare advice.

How do I go about getting a Microsoft certification?

Finding a product or skill set that interests you is the first step toward becoming a Microsoft-certified professional. Start planning by speaking with your administrator at school, college, or university. For example, if you want your MCSA on Windows Server from the ground up certification accelerated by ten days through some summer training in India, let us know!

Why should you consider summer training in India to obtain a Microsoft certification?

Summer training in India has various advantages for many businesses. Individuals can benefit from learning there as well. As a result, it’s no surprise that many firms are sending their personnel to India for summer training. To understand why it’s necessary to go over some of these benefits and consider how they affect each individual. Saving money is one of the key reasons why so many students and organizations are interested in summer training in India.

Because living expenses are substantially lower than living expenses back home, both individual and corporate budgets can stretch further while receiving training on campus. This frequently translates into the ability to afford additional courses or even shorter course lengths and other useful services provided by institutions, such as job placement aid after graduation.

Let’s talk about money – How much does a Microsoft certification cost in India?

To become certified, you must pass three examinations, each of which costs $165: Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access. If you pass all three tests within one year of your initial exam date, Microsoft will give you a $50 discount on each exam. If it has been more than a year after your initial exam date, your next certification attempt will be charged in full. For example, if today is March 15 and I passed my Word exam on September 3, I can purchase my Excel exam for $165 on March 15 or wait until April.

What can I expect as an MCSA in my first year?

A Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) certification is an excellent way to begin your IT career. There’s something for everyone, with over 20 distinct MCSA tracks available. If you want to work in IT, Microsoft offers two specialized certifications to help you get started:

Microsoft SQL Server Overview: This is a certification path. You don’t require any more credentials, but it will help you advance along numerous Microsoft job paths.

A Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification is an excellent way to begin your IT career. There’s something for everyone, with over 20 different MCSA tracks available. If you want to work in IT.


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