What is YouTube? A brief explanation?

YouTube is a social media application and a video-sharing service. It allows you to watch, like, comment, share and even upload your video on this platform. There are around 800 Billion videos uploaded on YT. The service can be readily available on a mobile phone or laptop with the help of an Internet connection. 

However, there are two versions of YT; one is a web, and the other is in the form of an application. If you have a computer or laptop, you have to access the video service with the help of a web browser. On the other hand, you can easily access the official YouTube application on a mobile phone. It is available on Play Store for Android users, and for apple users, it is available on App Store. 

What are the primary functions of YouTube?

  • People can search for a video related to their interests and watch them.
  • You can create your personal channel on this platform 
  • Upload videos on your channel to share or showcase your talent to everyone 
  • Like / comment/share and subscribe to videos and channels on YouTube
  • User can create their playlist to collect the video they wish to watch later or daily 
  • Creators can also create a playlist in order to organize their videos properly on their channel

Why do people like YouTube?

This 100 % free platform does not cost you a single penny. It can be a greater source of knowledge for school and college students because almost every study material is available on YT. Many people also use YT for watching music videos, TV serials, drama, life hacks, cooking, comedy shows, and many more things. Due to features like follow or subscribe, people mostly stay up to date with their favorite content creator. 

Age requirement

If you are going to register for YouTube, it is necessary that your account must be 18 plus or if you are on parental consent, then you can sign up at 13 plus age. However, it is not necessary to sign up in order to watch videos on YT, but it is necessary to unlock every single feature on this platform such as like, download, playlist, etc. Moreover, signing in would also help you recommend videos according to your choice on YT on your every device, whether mobile, tablet, computer, or smart TV. 

YouTube has also created a kid version known as YT kids, specially designed for kids between the ages of 3 – 8 years old. This made it easy for children and their parents to find related content, like poems, stories, and many more. 

Illegal things on YouTube 

Many people provide hateful or dangerous contents which can be illegal. One of the biggest things which lead to violation is harassment and cyberbullying. Moreover, some content creators buy YouTube views, likes, and subscribers to show their superiority among the community, but this is not legal and strict actions, and policies have been established for the user who violates their policy. 

Does people earn from YouTube?

Yes, it is fair to say that you can earn money from this platform because many content creators earn a decent amount of money. In addition, many people have chosen YT as their career option because they earn a considerable amount of money by showcasing their talent on the medial social platform. 

You have to complete their demand before you get monetized on this platform. The basic requirement is to earn 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in one year. After completing all the demands, you will be able to apply for the YouTube partner program and start earning money. 

How to increase views on YouTube organically? 

One of the basic things you can buy YT views organically is hard work and improving your content. People will automatically attract to your channel if your content is interesting and relevant. So try something new that people do not expect to see. However, there are a few tips that can also help you to increase your views. 

  1. Write a creative title – While preparing a title for your video, make sure that it feels very attractive y that people get attracted to it. 
  2. Mention keywords in videos – Keywords help people to the active target audience by providing specific content to viewers.
  3. Hashtags – This is one of the best tricks to make your content more visible on YT because using trendy and relevant hashtags increases your probability of showing your video on top of the search.

These were the basic things about YouTube. Apart from being a social media platform, this is one of the most used search engines after Google, and YT generates around 10 % of its annual income for Google. It has been very famous since its launch date on Valentine’s Day, 14 February 2006.

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