The Power of Team Chants: How Can Boost Player Performance

A team chant is when a group of people say or sing something in unison to support each other or encourage someone else to do something. They are commonly used in sports to try and boost the confidence and performance of the players, as well as acting as a sign of unity between the members of the team and fans of the team, or even an entire fanbase of a sports team. Read on to find out more about the power of team chants.

Why Players Love Them

There’s an innate desire to be accepted and feel like part of a group. Being part of a winning team means belonging to something special, especially when you might feel like you belong elsewhere (like at work or school). Whether they’re silly or serious, chants are a way for players to bond together as teammates and build camaraderie before stepping onto the field. 

In fact, many teams start using them early in training camp to foster that relationship and help players connect with each other. As Michael Zagaris the photographer who follows several NFL teams on game days explains, Chanting gives [players] more confidence; it gives them solidarity. It makes them stronger in their faith in each other.

Planning a chant

Effective team chants are short and sweet. The best ones repeat, often with minor variations, over and over. Once you’ve planned your chant, try out different ways to present it so that you can find what works best for your team. For example, you might want to practice reading it aloud as a group or in unison (or both). 

That can get awkward if you have more than a few people but is an easy way to check whether everyone understands. You might also want to figure out how best to incorporate Cric Gator choreography; hand motions or movements that accompany words are especially powerful and effective in getting players hyped up. In any case, keep it fun the point is to bring your team together around a common cause, after all!

Where to look for chant ideas

You can visit a local college and talk to their cheerleaders. You can also go online and look for ideas. Most professional teams have official websites with team chants you can use as inspiration. And if all else fails, make up your own! As long as your team likes it, it will be motivating for them.

Why is it OK if your teammates hate them at first?

While it’s probably a given that you have to be on board with any new idea, you also need to realize that other people may not immediately see things your way. In fact, they might hate your team chants at first. Don’t let that deter you! Keep chanting and get others involved in doing so. Over time, you’ll change minds one teammate at a time and then before long, everyone will be chanting right along with you. At its core, teamwork is about building camaraderie among teammates. And nothing builds comradery better than a passion for an activity shared by all! Your Cricgator goal is to get your team moving in lockstep.

What kinds of team chants have helped?

According to sports psychologist Michael Gervais, There is some truth to there being ‘no magic words when it comes to pre-game rituals, but only because you have to find what works for you. For some guys that might be a certain chant, for others, it might be eating their favorite meal. But either way, it’s important they are doing something they can sustain. With that in mind, here are three examples of team chants that have been proven effective by top teams.

Get Started!

The best way to start a team chant is to create an action that everyone can participate in. If you have large players, get them to flex their muscles while everyone else claps and shouts. If your team members are small and nimble, have them hop on one foot while stomping their feet, followed by chants of hopping or stomping. Not sure where to go after that? No problem! You can make up your own! Just come up with something simple (preferably rhythmic) that involves everyone—you know best what will motivate your team.

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