Online Cycling is Killing the Traffic on the Roads

There was a time when people would get into the roads with their bicycles to get a good amount of exercise every day. The cities even started to build separate lanes for cycling enthusiasts. We saw was, because this trend is changing, not just because of the new Online cycling trend. Made possible through the app called Vingo, this new trend is taking cycling to another level, while significantly reducing the traffic on the roads.

Roads Were Filled With Cycling Enthusiasts & Cyclists

The thing was simple, you can exercise and even go to your work with a bicycle and you could save a lot of money on gas. Even national leaders in some countries started cycling to their offices. This pushed the cycles back into our roads, and more and more people were getting into the habit. But, not all people shifted to cycling, did they? Some considered the new cyclists to be a danger to the fast moving traffic. They didn’t want them blocking their roads and sidewalks.

With the Advent of the Vingo App Roads Are Safer

Now, all this trouble with cycling exercises is changing, thanks to the Vingo app. The app works on a virtual reality platform and it is designed to bring the outdoor feeling while you go on Indoor cycling trips in your home. You won’t have to step into the pollution filled roads anymore. You will be safe from all the hazards of the road, while the pedestrians and vehicle drivers are away from troubling you.

Cyclists Also Feel Safe to Exercise Indoors

This new form of exercise is safer for you in many ways. You won’t have to travel long distances to get good exercise. You will have seen people riding their bikes on even highways. This is both dangerous and risky. With Vingo, you will be safer, for you will only need a training bike set up at a quiet corner of your home.

It Provides Great Entertainment Too

The Indoor cycling app also has a good set of features in it. Features like voice chat will help you talk to fellow trainers on the tracks, while you can use the avatar feature to customise your looks. You can even create your own avatar by uploading your selfie in the app. Vingo also comes with social media connectivity, which allows you to post your daily progress to all your social accounts.

Get Your Own Account Today & Start Cycling Now

To get into this amazing new world, all you need to do is, get into the App Store on your iPhone and install the app. Then you can connect it with your training bike and create your own account in it. Also, you can add up to eight people to share this account. Some people use Vingo as a running app by pairing it with their treadmill. You can do so too, if you need a change. Whatever be the choice of your exercise, you won’t be disappointed by it.

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