Does “organic baby formula” really mean “best baby formula”?

Mother’s milk is the best food for a baby. Wise nature has ensured that the baby receives everything it needs for proper growth and development, strong immunity, and health. But life sometimes makes adjustments and has to transfer the baby to mixed or artificial feeding. In this case, it is important to choose quality dairy food by the age and nutritional needs of the baby.

What kind of baby food to choose?

First of all, baby food must be safe and healthy. And immediately comes to mind an organic version of baby milk formulas. Which is 100% made of natural organic ingredients and is not only safe for children’s health but also good for them. After all, the milk in its composition is controlled by an independent organic certification body and is obtained by the provisions of the EU Organic Law. This means that cows graze on open pastures and receive only natural feed: grass, hay, and grain, grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides. The use of GMOs, bone meal, animal growth stimulants, and prophylactic use of antibiotics on organic farms is strictly prohibited. The organic origin must be confirmed by a Certificate of Independent Control, which should be marked on the packaging of the product.

By feeding your baby organic formula, you can be sure that the baby will receive not only everything he needs for growth and development but also important components for maintaining healthy digestion and immunity.

Where do the organs get products for baby formula?

Recently, there has been a rapid development of organic crop production in the world. It has increased fivefold in the last decade. The growing popularity of the biological method in the world is because it is not only harmless to the environment but also effective, i.e. completely safe to make organic baby formula. Biological preparations for plant protection, unlike chemical ones, have living microorganisms and natural biologically active substances which are synthesized by the same microorganisms. Besides high efficiency and affordable price, they have what chemical preparations don’t have – natural origin (that is again safety).

Raw materials intended for the production of baby food products must meet mandatory safety parameters and minimum quality specifications approved by the health authority. It is grown in special raw material areas. There it is forbidden to build industrial and other chemical facilities, negatively affecting the agro climatic and ecological situation. The use of pesticides and agrochemicals in special raw material zones is carried out according to technologies that ensure obtaining products that meet the sanitary and hygienic requirements of child nutrition.

Consider the desired composition of the dairy formula, which is beneficial to the baby

All parents strive for the best for their children. And for a newborn baby, healthy nutrition, love, and care are more important.

To choose quality baby food it is necessary to understand the ingredients of baby formula.

First of all, the formula should not contain starch, chemical dyes, preservatives, GMOs, as well as gluten, or sugar.

Desirable Components:

Selenium is an essential trace element that performs important functions in the body. It actively participates in the work of all antioxidant systems, as well as in the process of thyroid hormone metabolism. This element is simply indispensable for strengthening the immune system.

Calcium and phosphorus are found mainly in bone tissue (i.e. the formation of the child’s skeleton and strong teeth). Calcium content in plasma and blood is one of the biological constants, as even minor shifts in the level of this ion can lead to severe consequences for the body. A decrease in calcium levels in the blood causes muscle contraction and cramps. An increase in calcium levels in the blood is accompanied by a decrease in the excitability of nervous and muscular tissue, the appearance of paralysis, and wounds. Calcium is necessary for bone building, so it must come in sufficient quantities with food. Phosphorus is involved in most metabolic processes in the body and is an essential element in the formation of nervous tissue and bones.

Iron is in the body in the form of complex salts. Iron is a part of hemoglobin, myoglobin, and enzymes involved in redox reactions. Insufficient intake of iron in the child’s body is accompanied by disruption of hemoglobin synthesis. Reduced synthesis of hemoglobin leads to anemia (anemia).

Iodine is contained in the body in small amounts. In general, its importance is high. This is because iodine is part of the thyroid hormones, which have a pronounced effect on all metabolic processes, growth, and development of the baby.

There should also be vital vitamins: vitamin E, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, folic acid, vitamin B2, vitamin K, biotin, selenium, vitamin D, and vitamin B12.

Make the right choice of baby milk formula, and give your baby as much attention as possible, then it will grow up healthy and developed.

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