Mobile Game Development Trends To Count On In 2022

Statista reports, at present, mobile game development shares 57% of the total video game market revenue. If Smartphone usage accelerates and people’s fondness for mobile games swings high at this pace, mobile gaming revenue will go beyond the $100 billion mark by the end of 2023.

Statista’s prediction perfectly aligns with what Global Games Market predicts about the global gaming market revenue.

As per Global Games Market Reports, more than 2.8 billion gamers worldwide will generate $189.3 billion in revenue in the mobile video game sector.

Whether at a family get-together or on vacation, a mobile phone is the quickest way to indulge yourself in gaming.

Statista has declared that above 2.2 billion people will take pleasure in downloading mobile games from their smartphones by 2025.

Such brilliant predictions signal the explosive mobile gaming market and the high rise in the demand for game development services.

So, what kind of future opportunities lies in the mobile game development field in 2022 and beyond?

One can determine the answer through the top mobile game design and development trends 2022.

Hold your breath.

Let’s dive into the brilliant and fascinating mobile gaming trends in 2022 and beyond!


AAA Mobile Games Are High On The Rise

For AAA mobile games, 2021 was exciting. But 2022 is going to be the year of AAA games.

Mordor Intelligence states that the leveled-up smartphone hardware potentialities, incredible speed, and low latency of 5G have encouraged AAA mobile game development for the last few years.

Alone mihoyo’s AAA game Gensin Impact has generated more than $150 million in revenue. On the other hand, Blizzard will be launching a mobile version of its famous AAA video game Diablo Immortal by 2022.

The innovative and technology-drenched AAA mobile games

  • Grab the attention of the gamer crowd through photorealistic graphics.
  • Enable mobile game development services to reach business milestones related to popularity, ratings, reviews, and revenue.
  • Supports cross-platform mobile game release.

The best-in-class gameplay experience of AAA games fits perfectly for big-budget game development projects.

Since gamers these days cry out for more technology-oriented advanced gameplay experiences, the graphically intense AAA mobile games suit their hunger the best.

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The Craze for Hyper-Casual Games 

Sensor Tower’s Industry Trend reports show that hyper-casual mobile games have dominated the mobile game development space since 2020.

Sensor Tower also projects that, by 2025, 42% of the app store revenue will come from mobile gaming apps.

It is clear; hyper-casual game popularity shows no sign of slowing down.

  • Hyper-casual mobile games are the easy gameplay and free-to-play gaming genre featuring minor user interfaces.
  • The intuitive gaming mechanics and consistent gameplay make hyper-casual games addictive among gamers.
  • Regarding gaming advertisement and in-app purchase, hyper-casual games stand in the front row.

VentureBeat reports that gamers playing hyper-casual are likely to watch advertisements two times more than the other players.

Mobile game development services also find hyper-casual game development extremely easy yet effective to grab and retain the audience’s attention.


Social Interaction Integrated Multiplayer Titles

  • Almost 38% of gamers like to chat with others while playing a game. (Facebook)
  • The global social mobile gaming market will reach $17.40 billion by 2027. (Coherent Market Research)

The rise of social media have contributed to the growth of multiplayer social mobile games. Social networking platforms like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., have turned into the best places to encourage people to play social games.

Mobile game development is now at an advanced stage where developers can integrate novel features to boost the gameplay experience. Integrating in-game chat is one of such fascinating solutions that can add an extra star to your title.


Immersive Gameplay

Immersive technologies that are Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), gaining momentum in the mobile gaming industry this year. The brilliant immersive and interactive gameplay experience has mesmerized the whole gaming world. The gamers need to put on VR headsets to enjoy the computer-generated, 3D simulated, real-world gameplay experiences.

The global VR- driven gaming market will grow by $2.4 billion by 2024. (Statista)

The craze for immersive gaming experience is sure to retain in 2022 and beyond.


Game Monetization Strategies

Subscription-based game monetization is quite common around the highly grossing mobile gaming market. (Sensory Tower’s Industry Trends)

Subscription-based game monetization model is on the high rise in 2022.

But, one can not underestimate the rest of the game monetization models.

The gaming studios are concentrating on their mobile game monetization strategies even more than before. The subscription-based monetization model, rewarded videos, and in-game purchases will help the mobile game development services expand their revenue horizon.

As per the reports of App Annie, people spend 11.74c of every dollar on mobile games across the app stores.

The amount is only growing.

It is safe and advantageous to assess that the mobile gaming market is booming, almost bursting out of the seams. It is the best time for businesses to surf across the mobile gaming trends and ooze the most out of the market.

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