What are Good and Bad Points for Creating a Teacher Resume?

Pursuing a career as a teacher is absolutely one of the noblest deeds. That being said now that you’ve started your journey, you’re going to need a Teacher Resume. 

In this article find out “Basic things to take care of” and  “Things to remember ” when writing a Teacher Resume. Moreover we will discuss “The dos and don’ts of creating a Teacher Resume” with examples. Let’s begin. 

Basic things to take care of

Simple Resume Template

Whether you’re planning on teaching on a primary school or a University level, use a simple resume template. This is because employers will not care about the creativity you can bring to the visuals of your resume, neither will the ATS. Instead use your creativity in other aspects of the resume to elevate its value. 

A simple resume template will follow a strict resume format that follows all rules in every office and is one’s best shot at getting through the initial stages of the hiring process.

Resume Formats 

There are 3 types of resume formats that are accepted everywhere, namely:

Reverse Chronological – Focuses on work history before Skills and Education

Functional – Focuses on Skills and Education over Work Experience 

Combination – A hybrid of both 

If you’re a professional choose the R-C format and if you’re new to teaching go for one of the other two.

Resume formatting also means the structure of the resume, as in labeling of the sections, or the font size to use. It is important to take care of these things when it comes to ATS. However, when you choose a Simple Resume Template you are making sure that your Resume is ATS friendly. 

Things to remember when writing a Teacher Resume

Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way let’s have a look at exactly what parts you should take care of when making your Teacher Resume. 

Work Summary

A Work Summary should encompass all your special achievements and show a level of excitement towards the job. Therefore, for a Teacher Resume work summary, focus on specific incidents of excellence in your career. So, It won’t do, to mention day to day activities or go on about some vague description of your work experience. For Example

Good Work Summary Example

“Experienced High School teaching professional of 5 years. Specializing in creating, teaching and maintaining syllabuses for STEM fields. Worked closely with AT RISK youth training programs to the result of a rise of 12% in graduations. Attained Child Psychology certifications to connect with students in a meaningful manner.”

Bad Work Summary example  

“Highschool Teacher of 5 years. Taught Math and Science subjects. Maintained classroom conduct while keeping learning fun.”

Work History

Work Experience is where you list all that you did in your previous work. Here you should focus on the work that is most related to what you are expected to do and not just go on about irrelevant information. For Example:

Good Work History Example

  • Taught STEM subjects to various graduating classes, over the course of 5 years, with a pass rate of 87% on average
  • Handled all STEM curriculum and maintained dead lines for colleagues and self 
  • Engaged in school activities from School Dances as chaperone, to holding seminars during National Drug Abuse Prevention Month.
  • Substituted for colleagues when needed. 

Bad Work History Example

  • Graded papers 
  • Kept classroom conduct
  • Took attendance


The skills section for a teacher resume contains all the relevant skills an individual has attained throughout their career. Furthermore, before filling the skills sections with all your skills, go through the job listing to see which skills to focus on and be sure to elaborate how this skill helped you in your job. For example 

Good Skills Example

  • Time management skills for creating Syllabuses and time tables for the school year
  • Management Skills for keeping classroom decorum
  • Communication Skills for better connecting with the class 
  • Organizational Skills for managing school events 

Bad Skills Example

  • Communication
  • Efficient Grading
  • Creating Tests


If you’ve been working in the field for a number of years then simply putting down the name of your degree, followed by the name of your University and graduating year should suffice. However, if you’re a new comer then maybe elaborate more on your education, by mentioning related courses and work. For Example 

Education Example for Experienced Teacher

B.A. in Education, University of Texas, 2012.

Education Example for New Teacher

B.A. in Education, University of Texas, 2012.


Relevant coursework:

-STEM Education

-Child Psychology 

-Special Education Theories 

Relevant Work:

-Volunteer at Drug Awareness Seminars 

-Teaching Assistant 

-Member of Mcguffin’s Future Teachers of America

Cover Letter 

Last but not least add a Cover Letter to your resume. This is a great way to connect with the institution and create a contact with it. In addition to this, your Cover Letter should be personable and make you stand out from the rest. Highlight your career achievements and show enthusiasm for your new career as a teacher.

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