Entrepreneurship Influencers Who Can Help In Growing Mindset

If it’s your desire to become a successful entrepreneur, you’ll improve your chances exponentially if you are guided by entrepreneurship influencers who are already successful in their own right; individuals who have made it their goal to help others follow in their footsteps.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at some of the current top entrepreneurship influencers who can help shape and grow your mindset so you can be successful in your quest to become an entrepreneur.

Roger James Hamilton

With its origins dating back to 2002 with the creation of the Wealth Dynamics system, Roger J. Hamilton is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of the Genius Group. He is known as a futurist and a social entrepreneur.

Since the formation of the Genius Group, Roger has been instrumental in establishing other initiatives and institutions to enhance the development, learning, and growth of future entrepreneurs. One of Roger’s key contributions was the development of the Entrepreneurs Institute brand.

Since 2002, Roger James Hamilton has been instrumental in the development of other key programs to assist entrepreneurs and forge key partnerships. The Entrepreneurs Resorts initiative, now a publicly listed company that has emerged into a conglomeration of companies worth more than $1 billion, allows entrepreneurs the unique opportunity to co-live and co-work in idyllic locations around the world.

Genius Group is also responsible for developing programs to teach entrepreneurship skills to children through the Genius School and E-Square Education, along with other initiatives and events focused on entrepreneurship.

Roger J. Hamilton is considered by many to be one of the foremost entrepreneurship influencers of the modern era.

Tony Robbins

From the early age of 17, Tony Robbins showed a determination to become an entrepreneur by pursuing jobs that allowed him to “be his own boss”. He started spending his hard-earned cash attending seminars conducted by popular entrepreneurs of the time, such as Jim Rohn. This intense desire to learn and grow saw Robbins achieve millionaire status at just 24 years of age.

Today, Tony Robbins is known as a life and business strategist, focusing both on entrepreneurship and life coaching for self-improvement.

Over the course of his career, Tony has held and spoken at many seminars to sold-out crowds, appeared in infomercials, and has written numerous best-selling self-help books, such as “Awaken the Giant Within”, “Money: Master the Game” and “Unlimited Power”, to name a few.

He has worked with people like Bill Clinton, Pitbull, and Hugh Jackman and has also counseled many prominent American business people. He is also an active philanthropist.

Now approaching the age of 60, Tony Robbins is considered to be one of the most influential life coaches and entrepreneurs of the late 20th and early 21st Centuries.

Grant Cardone


This is one of Grant Cardone’s most famous and influential mantras. He is the CEO of Cardone Enterprises and Cardone Capital and currently has a business and investment portfolio worth over $4 billion.

He is the founder of the 10X Movement, which hosts a 3-day growth conference that has since become the largest business and entrepreneur conference in the world. The conference was inspired by the success of his 2011 best-selling book, “The 10X Rule”.

At the Growth Conference, budding entrepreneurs will learn the strategies that enabled famous entrepreneurs to become successful. The conference is divided into three important modules:

  1. 10X Your Business
  2. 10X Your Income
  3. 10X Your Life

Grant has worked with many businesses and companies, inspiring business leaders and owners to take their companies to greater heights. He is the best-selling author of numerous books and business programs, is an active property investor and trainer in property investing, and is a renowned speaker on all of these subjects.

Grant Cardone is a go-getter entrepreneur who is definitely worth taking note of.

The Takeaway

There are so many successful and influential entrepreneurs that you could literally write a lengthy series of books on them. This article has highlighted a select few to take note of and follow closely. If your goal is to become a successful entrepreneur, then pay close attention to the influencers mentioned here and continue to do your research.

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