17 Digital Marketing Methods To Boost Online Sales

Profit-making is the primary objective of any business out there. Every company wants to rake in cash and sustain itself well into the future. Whether you are a brick & mortar business looking to expand or an online assignment help service carrying out self-promotion, increased sales, higher revenues and better profits are the ultimate objectives of one & all.

Digital marketing is a leading promotion & publicity channel that allows businesses to reach out to a massive & diverse population. The technicalities and unique features of the system have paved the way for numerous marketing methods, each with its quirks & benefits.
Given below are 17 digital marketing methods that have been proven to drive up sales when implemented effectively. Find out how they do so and how you can employ them to boost your business’s sales figures.

17 Digital Marketing Methods To Increase Online Sales

1. Deliver Definite Value

Value is one of the most basic and essential requirements in a business-consumer relationship, be it an e-retail platform or a service offering assignment writers for hire.

Find out how to deliver the maximum value, not just through your products & services but also through every possible point of contact. Sell them what they need and do it better than everyone else, both in marketing & commodity quality. Everything, from the products sold to email reminders, should deliver something of value. Give them their money’s worth and make them feel satisfied.

2. Boost Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a critical factor in improving sales growth.

Be unique. Catchy brand names, logos, taglines and business mottos can grab attention and boost the chances of sales. Strive to make it an easily identifiable symbol that customers come to associate with the value you deliver.
Apple, Google and Microsoft are some prime examples of mighty brand power and influence.

3. Make It Personal

Personalized marketing is a significant buzz in online marketing today.

Data analytics tools and platforms offer great insights about an individual customer as well as a targeted demographic. Create acute customer personas by acquiring relevant customer details using surveys, questionnaires, website opt-in forms, buying & browsing behavior, etc. Use all that information to deliver customer experiences that touch them on a personal level.
Coca Cola’s custom pet bottles & “Share a Coke” campaign offered a personalized touch to customers, grabbing their attention and driving up sales.

4. Nurture Your Leads

Lead nurturing is how you inch closer to acquiring sure-fire sales and establishing long-term business-client relationships.

Through intelligent interactions, value-based content and careful nudging, get your lead closer to conversion and build brand advocacy. Cross-platform and multi-channel engagement is vital to keep your leads aware & informed of the interactions with your brand. Engage them with value-based content and interact with them across different channels for effective nurturing.
Brands that cater to their leads create more loyal customers and establish authority in the industry, generating 50% more sales at 33% lower costs.

5. Engage in Email Marketing

Email marketing is still the most successive & effective method of them all.

Personalized emails tell your customers that you are aware of their presence and preferences. Segment mailing lists and customize emails per buyer personas, wish list & cart content, demographic factors, etc., for a better impression. Utilize email automation to deliver your mails as per customer actions and at suitable intervals to boost CTORs & CTRs.

Promotion of new products, recommending similar products, upselling, filled-cart reminder, congratulatory messages, personal wishes, offering point-of-contact & sales, social media bookmarks, etc. — there are so many different ways to market a brand, nurture a lead and connect on a personal level through emails.

6. Craft Intriguing Content That’s Fresh & Relevant

Content marketing is a dominant digital marketing strategy used by every business today.

Catchy and intriguing content converts better. Attractive titles, exciting infographics, and arresting videos work wonders every time. Research the kind of content that works best with a particular digital marketing technique or on a platform. Find out what’s trending and deliver relevant stuff. Diversify your content delivery using varied content such as short-form videos, infographics, case studies, free guides, etc. and use it to tell honest & powerful stories.
Here’s a list of some powerful content marketing campaigns conducted by notable brands, which captured the audience’s attention & increase sales. To create your video online, visit Promo today!

7. Monitor & Optimize Your Content

Once you have crafted and published some content, it is time to measure it & optimize further.

Google Analytics is one of the best free web & marketing analytics tools out there. It helps measure engagement, learn about trending topics and track content performance across several platforms. Google Search Central is another excellent tool to observe website ranks, backlinks and track SEO efforts. Buffer, Scoop. It and Tweroid are robust analytics services that monitor content engagement, impressions, CTRs and other metrics across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc.

Also make sure your website is fully ADA website compliant and accessible.

8. Avail Marketing Automation & Analytics

Marketing automation & analytics platforms have become increasingly popular over the years. Effective methods of enhancing digital marketing strategies allow businesses to observe critical metrics of their content strategy, website design, marketing tactics, etc., helping them optimize things accordingly.

The following marketing automation tools act as the perfect marketing assistants from lead nurturing to email & social media automation & analytics.

9. Carry Out Keyword Research

Whether it is an organic search or inbound marketing campaign, keywords are central to website & marketing content. Research the trending keywords in your business and modify your content strategy accordingly.

Several tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster,, BuzzSumo, etc., are excellent keyword research & analysis services. Use them to create high performing content, design effective marketing campaigns and drive sales growth.

10.Employ Suitable Marketing Strategy/ies

Inbound, Affiliate, Influencer, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (PPC and SEO) – an array of digital marketing methods and channels help businesses reach out to the rich & diverse online population. However, not everything suits everyone. It is up to you to determine what works best for your business.

A strong content marketing department is necessary for SEO based search engine marketing and inbound marketing. Similarly, if you can churn out engaging social media posts & have a dedicated and active social media fanbase, then social media & influencer marketing is the way to go.
The key is to find the right one or the right mix to improve connection & increase sales.

11. Employ User-Generated Content & Feedback

Reviews, ratings and user content about a brand hold colossal value in digital marketing. According to, 57% of consumers go through online reviews, and 94% changed their buying decision after reading a negative one. Promoting a product by syndicating its ratings & reviews is an excellent way to boost its sales sky high.

Similarly, social media posts and other content from your customers act as the digital iteration of word-of-mouth advertising. Thank them for their love and showcase your success to the world. Influencer marketing is another way to build brand value & increase greater sales possibilities.

12. Integrate Your Marketing Channels

The digital domain is vast, but the average consumer interacts only through a limited number of channels. Coordinating your customer’s interaction & experience overpaid, owned & earned media is the essence of integrated marketing. Help your customers learn about your business, products, & marketing activities across all platforms by threading all your digital marketing campaigns together.

13. Optimize Your Business Pages

Lucid & easy to navigate websites are the heart of any online business. Easy navigation, mobile responsiveness, multiple easy payment methods, uncluttered design, user friendly UX, chatbots – these are just some of the features that can optimize your web pages to make your leads & consumers happy. Everybody likes to buy from a website that offers an easy & satisfying buying experience.

14. Use Catchy Call-To-Actions

Call-to-action buttons & prompts serve the vital purpose of steering user behavior and nudging them towards making a sale.

Encourage and entice your users to make a buy, explore further and learn about exciting offers through highly converting CTAs. High placement, eye-catching colors, simple font, proper font size and direct messages are the right fit. Customize them as per the commodity and be specific when telling what the audience should expect.

15. Inform using Opt-in Forms, Pop-Ups & Specialized Guest Checkouts

Different digital marketing methods can be used to inform audiences about the latest offers, discounts & sales. Opt-in forms, website pop-ups, gust checkouts, wish list reminder emails provide ample space & opportunity to inform and increase sales.

Promote a premier product during checkout, gather essential details & draw customer attention in the opt-in forms, remind them of an abandoned car or a price drop using pop-ups— do as you wish to drive up sales.

16. Remarket to Remind

The concept of remarketing revolves around reconnecting, nurturing and generating potential leads. Targeted ads or reminder emails are the most commonly used media for the process. It is all about reconnecting and interacting with your consumers. Mobile apps, ads, emails are popular digital remarketing channels for targeting past customers, expanding the reach and improving sales.

17. Stay Ahead of The Competition

The digital domain is highly competitive, and it is expected to increase manifold. It would be best to show your audience why you are the best and why they should choose you over your competitors. Effective marketing across all channels, engaging content, quality products/services, and consumer satisfaction should be the key goals of an online business.

Finally, always try to think one step ahead of your competitors. Monitor & analyze their business performance. Infer their marketing tactics and think of ways to do them one better.
And that rounds up this write-up on 17 decisive digital marketing methods to drive up sales. Hope this article informs you well enough about the most productive digital marketing strategies. Use this guide to brainstorm on the perfect marketing methods for boosting your sales and take a definitive lead over your competitors.

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