Best methods for downloading twitter videos.

Let’s have a look at how I may quickly and easily save videos from Twitter to my Android phone. You’ve probably come across a video on Twitter that you’d like to record or preserve, but you’ve wondered whether and how that’s even possible. It’s not as hard as you might imagine, thank goodness.

Eventually, you’ll want to download Twitter videos, right? Neither the Android app nor the website itself provide a menu or button to access this feature. Nevertheless it’s true that our interest in this social media platform is waning. In spite of its ups and downs, Twitter has maintained its status as one of the most widely used social media platforms worldwide.

The internet also provides access to potentially fascinating videos featuring the teeny bird. We’ll show you how to download videos from Twitter that correspond to any of their tweets. We’ll be able to check out the mobile and desktop versions.

Obtaining Twitter Videos on Your Android Device

First, we’ll look for a notice that says something like, “Where is the video you wish to download?”
When an app is detected, click the arrow to the right of it to close it.
A drop-down menu with several choices displays.

The ability to “Copy Twitter link” is what piques our attention, though.
It will copy the video’s URL so you can use it elsewhere.

The next step is to open a web browser and visit the Twitter video download page.

When we enter the site, we’ll find a window where we may paste the link we copied.
The video link is hidden behind a grey legend that reads “Enter the video link… ” Choose the Paste menu item by repeatedly touching this box.

Click the “download” option after pasting the Twitter URL we just copied.

It redirects you to a new page where you can make certain choices.
The first is the finest choice because it guarantees the highest quality.

Obtaining a programme that facilitates the downloading of Twitter videos to an iPhone is the initial step. Apple’s Shortcuts app is one option for accomplishing this. Search for “Shortcuts” on your mobile device’s app store to get it.

After the tool  has been downloaded and installed, head to your device’s Settings, then Shortcuts, and from there, hit the “Allow untrusted shortcuts” option. It’s possible that this trick won’t be successful on iOS 15 or later, but you can test it out anyhow.

You can download the unofficial video downloader from iCloud by opening this URL once you’ve enabled “Untrusted” shortcuts.

Accessed the Shortcuts tool immediately. These are the measures to take:

Choose the “Get Shortcut” option.
Click “Add untrusted shortcut” after reading the guidelines.
Launch the Twitter app on your iOS device, then navigate to the clip you wish to save.
Choose Twitter Video Downloader from the list of sharing options after tapping the “Share” button.

A prompt to launch the Shortcuts app will appear. After that, you can choose the video quality (low, medium, or high) in which to download the clip. The longer it takes to download and the more space it requires on your iPhone or iPad, the higher the quality. When the download is finished, use the Pictures app to view the video.

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