What Makes Eyefinity EHR an Ideal Choice For You?

About Eyefinity EHR

The leading digital health records solution in the eye care industry. Using technology that operates the way you do, you can optimize software solutions and easily access safe patient data. Create an outstanding patient experience by using an optometric charting platform that enables you to quickly document patient visits, review previous diagnoses, set up preferred procedures, and accurately submit codes. Improve the client experience by implementing a secure Patient Portal that allows you to send safe messages and attachments that clients can access at any time and from any location. Enjoy the freedom to scale your practice operations, whether it’s introducing a new location, adding a new provider, or even broadening care to remote patients via telehealth. When combined with Eyefinity Practice Management, you’ll ensure a smooth patient experience from pre-visit to an exam room. To know the Eyefinity EMR cost, please schedule an Eyefinity EHR demo.

Top Eyefinity EMR Features

Eye Exam Protocols

A protocol is a prespecified template that can be used for any ocular examination. Protocols enable you to simplify repetitive tasks by constructing optical exam templates with pre-populated fields and/or remarks before seeing a patient with a situation you frequently treat (think: myopia, blepharitis). EHR Eyefinity allows you to generate as many eye exam protocols as you want and customize each one to reflect your unique approach to patient care.

Protocols can even be shared with other practitioners in your practice. This not only improves the consistency and quality of documentation throughout your practice, but it also allows you to customize the experience you provide to your patients. It’s also an excellent way to mentor less skilled doctors as they trust in your footsteps. Eyefinity is dedicated to choosing to invest in your achievement now and in the long term, and protocols are just one way we’re doing so.

Electronic Patient Notifications

Through electronic text and voice, notifications for client recalls, scheduled appointments and eyewear-ready alerts, Eyefinity’s Electronic Patient Notifications enable your clients to easily stay engaged with their eye care. This allows you and your staff to focus on what is most important: patient care. Because Eyefinity’s Electronic Client Notifications system unifies directly with Eyefinity Practice Management, your life has just gotten a whole lot easier. You won’t have to manually enter appointment confirmation information into your scheduler or notify clients when their glasses are ready. We handle everything for you automatically and in real-time. This is just one method for streamlining workflows, optimizing operations, and improving patient care.

Bulk VSP Eligibilities & Authorizations

Give yourself (and your employees) the blessing of time with Eyefinity EMR’s user-friendly interface. Plan and pull insurance confirmations up to seven days in advance with the Bulk Eligibility & Authorizations function. Customers with VSP® insurance carrier plans have their eligibility status pre-loaded for convenience. You can use our exclusive VSP integrations to boost practice productivity because we are the only optometric platform in the eye care industry with a strong correlation to VSP. With real-time, accurate authorization, you can say goodbye to billing and error denials. Eyefinity’s simple, one-click bulk verification will assist you in tightening the reins on your practice workflow for a trouble-free insurance verification process.

Appointment Scheduling

With the skill to schedule real-time consultations that instantly sync to the scheduler in Eyefinity Practice Management, the scheduling tools in Eyefinity EMRs will make you more effective and delight clients.

Meet patients’ expectations by allowing them to schedule appointments digitally at their leisure from the comfort of their phone or computer. Control which openings patients can see base on their availability, which is instantly upgrade in the Eyefinity Practice Management scheduler. Streamline appointment alerts and recall messages* to keep your patients informed about their care.

Regulatory Compliance

One thing is for certain: regulations are continuously changing. Keeping up with new regulations and making necessary changes to your practice can be time-consuming and overpowering. Eyefinity EMR keeps up with the latest trends in the eye care industry, allowing you to concentrate on offering the best care to your clients. Eyefinity EMR makes it a point to do regulatory right by ensuring that all Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and legal regulations are followed by its optometric software solutions. You can further simplify compliance with the assistance of Eyefinity EMR’s industry-leading partners.

Eyefinity EHR benefits

  • Coherence: For quick charting and precise documentation, user configurable and progressed exam templates to finalize records based on user trends and personal requirements.
  • Fewer Errors: Get rid of the slow, error-prone processes that come with archaic and traditional documentation methods. Maintained patient records and documentation using digital tools to reduce errors and improve accuracy in billing and claim follow-ups.
  • Reduce Employee Burden: By streamlining daily operations with electronic forms, e-prescriptions, and scheduling modules, you can reduce cognitive load and save time.
  • Improve Communication: Using internal electronic systems, improve client communication with doctors and staff members. Use a secure patient portal to communicate at each stage of the treatment process.
  • Improving Performance Evaluation: To effectively use MIPS for tracking, reporting, and performance evaluation, use IRIS integration or a built-in registry.

Eyefinity EHR Alternative – Azalea Health EHR

While working at a healthcare laboratory, the Azalea EHR founders noticed that most EHRs were glitchy and that physicians struggled to understand how to use them. As a result, they were determine to create a solution that would make physicians’ and administrators’ lives easier.

They saw an opportunity to create a healthcare IT solution that was truly cloud-base and as easy to browse as an email tool. They primarily formed a technology incubator climate by utilizing local university talent. The resulting cloud-based medical management and healthcare billing system connects a practice’s clinical and financial sides and easily integrates with existing systems. To know all about Azalea EHR features and more, please schedule an Azalea EHR demo.

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