What Are The Fistula Treatments Without Surgery?

  • According to the WHO, 50,000-100,000 fistula patients are found yearly.

A fistula consists of a small underpass. It connects an affected gland in the anus to the start of the skin on all sides of the anus. Moreover, it is a parallel connection linking the urinary tract and other organs.

You can identify the fistula signs that have pain and bulging on the sides of the anus. Fistula treatment without surgery and with surgery are two ways to cure it.

To cure any disease, it is essential to know about its causes. So let’s tell you about some causes of fistula.

What are the causes of fistula?

The foremost reasons for an anal fistula are as mentioned below.

  • Choked anal glands
  • Blemishes at anus

Despite the reasons mentioned above, a fistula may originate from some uncommon conditions.

  • Crohn’s disease
  • Cancer treatment that includes radiation
  • Concussion
  • STDs
  • Tuberculosis
  • Cancer

Classification of fistulas

Anal fistulas

It is the unnatural link that connects the infected area of the anus and the skin close to it. Further, It is divided into an anorectal fistula, anovaginal fistula, and colovaginal fistula.

Urinary tract fistulas

Urinary tract fistulas are unnatural spaces residing in a urinary tract. Moreover, It is also an uncommon link between a urinary tract organ and other organs. It is further classified into

vesicouterine fistula, vesicovaginal fistula, and urethrovaginal fistula.

Fistula treatments

Most of the time, specialists suggest surgery as the only way to cure the fistula. However, when working on the anal fistula, surgery may be the only option. Further, the surgery takes care of removing the fistula while guarding the muscles at the anus.

But, what are the other ways to cure fistula?

Here are some ways that support fistula treatment without surgery.

Fistula treatment without surgery 

The following are some of the fistula treatments that do not require surgery.

Laser fistula treatment

In this process, a laser fiber beam is present. Further, this small beam emission can close the fistula.

Fibrin glue

This method is used to treat perianal fistulas. This method uses a unique healing sealant to close fistulas.


In the plug approach, a collagen fomation fills the fistula. Further, it is more successful in simple anorectal fistulas.


Catheters can empty fistulas. They are typically used for small fistulas. Moreover, catheters are effective on minor infections.

Home remedies

Though it is essential to consult a doctor for fistula symptoms, you can try out some home remedies to help you heal faster.

  • Ginger tea- It helps in providing relief for discomfort and sickness.
  • Cloves- Cloves can ease the fistula symptoms.
  • Tea tree oil- It functions as a natural ointment.
  • Turmeric milk- Its antibacterial properties can boost immunity and soothe symptoms.

Lifestyle changes

Diet alone can not help you, but lifestyle changes will do. Moreover, to seek and live disease-free life is more connected with how you live!

  • Get on a balanced diet.
  • You can use pillows while sitting on hard surfaces or while sitting for a longer time.
  • Maintain a proper personal hygiene
  • Boost your immunity with essential supplements.
  • Stay healthy and active.
  • Consult a doctor and trainer and exercise regularly.
  • Learn and perform Yogasanas that offer relaxation.

A fistula is an abnormal connection between two body parts, usually the result of an injury or surgery. Inflammation and infections can also cause anal fistula to form.

There are four main types of fistulas – blind (open on one end and connecting two structures), complete (openings both outside and inside the body), horseshoe (connects the anus to the surface of the skin after going around the rectum), incomplete (a tube from the skin that is closed on the inside and does not connect to any internal structure).

Chaudhary Hospital’s credibility in offering fistula treatment without surgery 

Chaudhary hospital, for several years, has been providing various medical treatments with its expertise at affordable rates. For example, the proctology department at Chaudhary hospital offers multiple remedies for fissures, fistula, constipation, etc.

For fistula, it offers a laser procedure. It follows the latest approaches to removing the fistula tract. It is one of the effective techniques for providing fistula treatment without surgery.


For any severe or minor fistula symptoms, it is advisable to see a specialist around. Also, connect with Chaudhary hospital for fistula treatment without surgery.

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