Musandam Dhow Cruise: The secret of the beauty of Oman!

The Musandam Dhow Cruise, also known as Norway in Arabia situated in Peninsula Oman. It is an Omani peninsula formed by barren mountains and flat beaches. The capital is Khasab, a small town with a smaller population than other nearby towns.

The city’s population is dominated by people from mainland Oman who come to Khasab for vacation. You can also see people from different countries, especially India, Pakistan and Bangladesh working here as restaurants, resorts and tour operators. The city is naturally surrounded by the northern mountains of the western Hajar Mountains. Explore beaches and mountains, board crazy banana boats, sail on dhows to see pristine parts of the peninsula, swim, snorkel, find pearls and try fishing. Explore caves, be amazed by the limestone rocks, and gaze at the blue waters.

Easy trip to Musandam Oman Dubai

As you may know, Musandam has gained a lot of popularity in a short period of time as Musandam Dhow Tours operators do a great job of arranging exciting all-inclusive packages to attract tourists and foreigners coming to the area. From scenic drives to scenic cruises, there are virtually many ways to enjoy the rugged beauty of the peninsula. Musandam is located on the territory of Oman, but is very accessible from the UAE, especially Dubai and Sharjah. It only takes three hours by car to Musandam. Due to its proximity to this natural paradise, Musandam has become an inevitable excursion for the people of Dubai. It’s the perfect escape for anyone looking to escape the charm and glitz of the busy city of Dubai.

Tips Assists you to Plan your Trip!

Falak offers exclusive Musandam Dibba Tour Packages tours 365 days a year for a well-organized and coordinated trip. They take your journey as your responsibility and ensure that you enjoy it to the fullest. In this blog, we’ve put together some of the best tips to help you plan your trip to this exotic region of the Musandam Peninsula in Oman!

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How to visit Musandam?

Let’s take a look at the steps to get Musandam Dibba Day Trip entry permit.

  1. Call the travel agency hosting the 1-day Divam Sandam Tour. Call three days before planning your trip (you should call early as your booking may be full during your vacation).
  2. Please send (i) a copy of your passport and (ii) a copy of your visa

If you live in the UAE, a valid copy of your residence card will suffice. If not, you will need to send a copy of your visit visa. Sit down and relax now. All you have to do is waiting for the entry permit to be issued soon and you will be able to travel safely. Be sure to bring your original passport and Visa card as you will need to show them at the checkpoint.

What to do at Diva Musandam

What are the best things and activities you can do at Diva Musandam? Have you ever wanted an adventurous yet quiet vacation? There are many things Musandam can offer you. Overlook Musandam Beach and the Hajar Mountains, or entertain dolphins on a traditional dhow cruise. However, if you want to do adrenaline pumping activities, you have a lot of options. It will surely surprise you and make you love nature. Here are four of the most desirable things you can enjoy at Musandam as many times as you like.

1.      Traditional dhow cruise

A dhow cruise to the Musandam Beach fjord is one of the most impressive in the region. It’s a laid-back, balanced way to navigate the exquisite fjords while enjoying the comfort of a cruise, making it the preferred choice for many travelers to the region. Enjoy the spectacular blue sea cliffs while navigating on a large wooden dhow with cozy Arabian cushions and carpets.

2.      Ride a banana boat

This is what you have to do when visiting Musandam! Banana Ride is a water sport activity that almost all age groups have a lot of fun together. Non-swimmers can also join the banana boat if they wear a life jacket issued by the boat staff. It is the perfect adrenaline booster for fun seekers and also strengthens the cardiovascular system by providing good training in the water during this activity.

3.      Snorkeling and swimming in Hafa beach

The device is fitted into a swimmer`s mouth which allows him to breathe down into the water.

4.      Speedboat safari, cave riding, fishing

Traditional dhow cruises will captivate you, but action-packed speedboat safaris and cave rides will give you real thrills and excitement. These are the most fun activities of Musandam that you can do in groups. The area is blessed with some of the most fascinating marine life.

Final Thoughts

Musandam is arguably one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the region. Here you will find not only fun places, but also the rich culture and heritage of Oman. From the Hajar Mountains to water sports on the beaches of Musandam, even the limestone cliffs of the peninsula will make your trip unforgettable.

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