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Kitchen Refurbishment Give a New Life to Your Old Kitchen

Kitchen refurbishment is an efficient way of making your kitchen look new again. Just like every other project, you need a proper plan for Kitchen Refurbishment Watford if you want to keep a check on cost and time but first, you need to ask yourself why you need it.

Why do I want kitchen refurbishment?

Some of the reasons why kitchen refurbishment may be necessary are:

  • Your kitchen is old and obsolete.
  • Cabinetry and shelves are broken or falling apart.
  • You want to sell your home and your kitchen is in a bad state.
  • You bought a new home but you don’t like the kitchen.
  • You want extra storage in your kitchen

You might have an entirely different reason for refurbishment instead of the ones mentioned above. However, you should remember whether it is Bathroom Refurbishment Watford or kitchen refurbishment.

It is not easy and you must hire the right people for the job. You also need to have some extra money at hand as the cost of refurbishment can vary while it is being carried out.

There are three types of refurbishments

  • Cosmetic
  • Complete
  • Partial

Some refurbishment plans may incorporate a combination of the above while others can be just one of them.

Cosmetic Refurbishment

A cosmetic refurbishment typically includes the replacement or repair of items which can be removed easily. These may include countertops, backsplash, appliances, cabinet doors, etc. It can also include repainting your kitchen.

The purpose is to quickly give a facelift to your kitchen. These types of refurbishments are usually carried out when you intend to sell your home and need a quick makeover for your kitchen. It is also preferred when you have a very small budget and you are not happy with the way your kitchen looks.

They cost little and take little time to complete. However, little time does not mean one or two days. If you live in Watford and want to sell your product quickly, try a professional team for carrying out cosmetic Kitchen Refurbishment in Watford.

Complete Refurbishment

A complete refurbishment may sound like a complete renovation but they are not the same. A complete refurbishment involves the removal of all installations, appliances, furniture, or utilities that are not useful anymore or which have lost their appeal entirely.

For instance, if you believe that your cabinets and shelves have lost their luster or if they are worn out completely, the kitchen fitter will remove all of them and replace them with new items without changing their location. In most cases, your fridge, stove, and sink will remain in the same position.

Kitchen Refurbishment Watford
Kitchen Refurbishment Watford

Custom Refurbishment

As the name suggests, this type of refurbishment can be as big or small as you want. It is a customized refurbishment of your kitchen according to your preferences. As such, it may resemble a full-scale renovation.

You can change not just the cabinets but also the location. These are usually carried out if you need a major change in your kitchen such as extra space, extra storage, layout, etc. They cost higher than other types of refurbishments and take more time but they allow you to customize your entire kitchen according to your desire.

How do hire the best people for kitchen refurbishment?

Whether you want Bathroom Refurbishment Watford or refurbishment for any other part of your home, it is extremely important to hire the right team for kitchen refurbishment is extremely essential because it is a major expense and nobody wants to waste their money. Look for the following things before you hire a company.


Professional contractors for providing Kitchen Refurbishment Watford will have insurance policies including public liability for protecting them against any unseen contingency. Hire contractors who have insurance so that you do not run into any trouble.


Always hire companies/contractors who have the necessary qualifications as well as all the licenses required for providing these services. Never go for unlicensed operatives even if the price is considerably low.

Also inquire about the company from your friends, neighbors, and the internet. If Watford is your city and you need Bathroom Refurbishment Watfordsurf the internet and read about local companies to identify the best one.

Conduct Interviews

Interview the prospective contractors to learn how they communicate and respond to your questions. It is very important to hire professionals who can listen to you carefully and respond with patience. Inquire about government regulations about refurbishment and check their level of expertise.

Get Quotes 

Get quotes from more than one contractor. Take at least three quotes from different companies and compare them with each other. This can help you in identifying the average cost and also provide you with a good bargaining position.

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