Detail Introduction to Cuemath Curriculum

Nowadays having mathematical knowledge has played a significant role in our daily lives. It has many applications in various fields which include our day-to-day activities like counting, banking, transactions, time tracking, cooking, shopping, etc. Cuemath is one of the most recommended websites for all students for learning maths concepts. It provides a personalized curriculum for each of the maths lessons. Cuemath curriculum came to India over seven years ago. With the mission of changing the way of learning maths for the students. It provides a one-to-one live interaction for each of the students. Ensures that all the students get exact assistance from the tutors what they are in need of. In this short span of time, the Cuemath is provided its learning services to 2,00,000+ students. It has covered 20+ countries all over the world.

What are Benefits of Cuemath Curriculum?

  • Cuemath curriculum is design in such a way that students completely understand the logic behind the mathematical concept. Cuemath has impacted students, tutors, and parents. It has changed the approach of the students towards maths. It has designed its own teaching patterns which are followed in its live sessions.
  • Here students spend their starting 45 minutes understanding the concept with trained and certified tutors. Out of a total of 60 minutes of the scheduled time 10 minutes are spent on improving their calculation speed. Because achieving calculation speed is also important in answering all the questions that are given in the question paper within the given span of time. The last five minutes are dedicated to solving the maths puzzles which help in improving their ability of problem-solving skills and creative thinking.
  • It provides the opportunity for the parents to select a personal tutor that provides individual attention to the students during the interactive live sessions where the students can clear their doubts instantly. That provides complete knowledge about the topic. These platforms promote women’s empowerment by providing an opportunity for well-educated and graduated women to work as online certified tutors.
  • To get back to their work after the carries break. It has created job opportunities for 10,000+ tutors who are working for cuemath websites around the world. Most of the Cuemath tutors are constantly monitored and continuously upskilled to match students’ requirements. To get adopted for the repetitive changes in the teaching patterns and to enhance the content quality.

Let’s Know More About Arc Length

Arc length is defined as the length of the distance between any points on the circumference of a circle. An arc is any part of the circumference of the circle. An angle formed by joining two endpoints of the arc at the circumference of the circle is knew as a subten angle. Base on the unit of the central angle of the arc we use different formulas to calculate the arc length.

Arc Length Formula

Arc length (L) =  θ × (π/180) × r

Where θ = center angle of the arc

L = Arc length

r = radius of the circle.

If the angle form by arc length is measure in terms of radians then the formula to calculate arc length is give by


Arc length (L) = θ×r


L = Arc length

r = radius of the circle

θ = Centre angle of the arc in radians.

Example 1: Calculate the arc length with a central angle of 6 radians in a circle with a radius of 5 inches.


Center angle, θ = 6 radians,

radius, r = 5 inches .

According to the  arc length formula, L = θ × r = 6× 5 = 30 inches.

So, the arc length is = 30 inches

Explore more about the arc length at the Cuemath.

Online Math Tutor For Your Little Champ in Grade 1

From basic addition and subtraction activities to our visually appealing puzzles, there is no end to the number of ways your kid in Grade 1 can improve their Math skills. Each online tuition for your kid in Grade 1 will cover a new concept, and you will soon start to see significant improvement in their performance.

Grade 1 kids can learn Math Online

Cuemath has over a dozen unique activities and alluring characters- for kids in grade 1 who are tutoring online with us. During these activities, the tutors observe Grade 1 students picking up on identifying patterns, telling time, sorting, measuring time & distances, and so many more things. Cuemath tutors observe the performance of your kid and create a personalized learning plan instead of robotic completion of courses.

What are you waiting for? Help your Grade 1 kid fall in love with Math instead of dreading the subject. Tutor him online with Cuemath.

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