How Puzzle Feeders Make Your Pet Cat Earn Its Meal

Domestic cats have all they need served right to them. However, making your fluffy friend work for food can be a brilliant idea in terms of health and wellbeing. Some cat parents may have felt that their feline fur baby is most content when food is plated and served to them, but in reality, the kitty may feel the opposite.

Many cats prefer earning their meal sometimes. So, why not encourage your cat to adopt an active lifestyle? It helps avoid various behavioral and health issues associated with boredom, being overweight, and obesity. Contact your vet for advice on your furball’s dietary needs and nutrition. Also, consider being prepared with pet insurance for cats because not all medical conditions are avoidable.

There are other troubles cats can get into, like accidents, toxic ingestion episodes, and medical emergencies. These are some reasons why you must contemplate purchasing pet insurance. In the meantime, read this article to learn how to make mealtime a stimulating session for your cat that includes feasting on food, and fun, physical, and mental exercise.

Puzzle feeders

Various food puzzles are available in pet stores specially designed for feline fur babies. Cats can benefit hugely from flexing their muscles and stretching their minds to get to tasty food waiting to be swallowed.

It is essential to keep things interesting, so cat owners should try getting unique food puzzles and giving their fluffy pet a different one each time. Let it not be too complex that the cat quits engaging with it midway or too simple that it can eat the food in a few gulps. It should be challenging yet fun.

Food puzzles are valuable aids that can help an overweight cat lose weight, distract a pushy cat and help it learn how to get to the food without assistance after repeated trials. These puzzles work magnificently on feline fur babies of all ages until they are loaded with a good amount of food.

It is observed that cats who work through the puzzle feeders to obtain food usually stay happy and healthy, display fewer behavioral problems, and can maintain a better shape than their free-fed feline counterparts.

Common signs you might notice after switching from the regular food bowls to puzzle feeders are less stress on your kitty cat’s face; it may not bother you for food as much as before, instead it may stay more active, and enjoy digging into the meal.

Indoor cats rarely have the opportunity to hunt and feel the thrill of it and so can eventually get bored of their lives. A puzzle feeder allows them to work their minds, figure out solutions to the puzzle problems, and get delectable food as a reward in the end.

Even if your cat is living in the lap of luxury, you can give it the experience of toiling hard for food and the satisfaction of earning its bread and butter through food puzzles.

Consider buying or doing some food puzzles at home. You can explore a range of stationary puzzles to mobile puzzles, and don’t forget to rotate the puzzle feeders to provide the benefits of change for your cat.

At the same time, consider having a medical financial backup in terms of pet insurance, so your cat is covered for basic health care or more. Pet insurance for cats is available in various levels of cover, so thoroughly explore the benefits of multiple plans, then assess your cat’s health needs and your budget before signing up.

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